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Pre-cursor to a collection

My poetry collection Caged without Walls is almost here, so I thought I would pre-empt it with a little number written earlier in the year, not featured in the book, yet seems appropriate somehow.

We can’t stop them, but we’ll always have…

Poetry is intimate             
It’s just you and me
That’s why we’re here
We don’t like crowds
We don’t like pretence
(bullshit thicker than water)
We don’t rush in
Nor find interest in populous viewpoints
That’s why we observe more than most
It’s what makes us contemplate
The broader scope
The inner quandary’s
We are brave
We can see and acknowledge our flaws
Even if they are sometimes shallow
Because we are not deluded
We see more than texture and colour
We exist in truth
We can never get enough
Because authenticity is all we seek
If only it appeared
In other forms
A little more regularly.

At least there’s you and I

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Next post,
Official release.

Until then...


  1. A very aspirational poem for people like me. But do I detect a hint of sarcasm? An accusation of delusion? Or maybe fear of being one of the "others" is just one of my many weaknesses. A thought provoking poem Anthony.

  2. I think you hit it right on the head. At the core of it all, poetry really is all about you and I. Writer to reader. At least this is my take on what I just read...

  3. Thanks for your comments gents. When I write, I do feel as though it's only meant for one, a quiet conversation.
    Cheers for dropping by.

  4. fantastic, and although I've never thought of poetry like this it is so true. Beautifully put that is raw and real. I didn't notice the hint of sarcasim that Graham sensed. I love when you write like this Tony. It's short, sharp yet so complete.

  5. WOW! what a great poem - so simple, so sharp, so complete. Thank goodness for poets and their voice of truth and especially thankful to have a talented poet like you sharing your voice with us

  6. You excel at humanizing human nature.
    I'll be excited to read Caged Without Walls.
    Will email you, dear friend.


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