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Writing Break - Creative Photography at Home - Part 1 of 2

In my limited spare time, I try to write or create videos and this can be a challenge in itself with a 6 month old. Hello! Daddy wants to write! Ahhhhhhh, but sometimes even I need a break from it. Clearly I can't go roaming the landscape taking exotic panoramas like I did when I was younger (and I've got lots of great shots from years of travelling so one day I may put some up), so with limited options, what the hell, I trek into the back yard.

Yep, the freakin back yard.

Even the most mundane item has a type of beauty to it, if you look in a certain way. (Plenty of ugliness too but that's another story).

So here the first day's shots and a few days later I again donned the khaki outfit and the AK-47 and went back for Round 2.

(click photo to enlarge).

Round 1

It's a distraction from poems, videos and stories, but after the next part, I'll post an actual story and we can all drink a Irish coffee and sing a song.
Or something.
(Gimme a break, I got serious baby brain).

Hope to see you then.


  1. Really great photos Tony and I love that you found beauty in your own backyard. I especially liked the one of the pebbles and also the pegs against the wooden wall. I think life must be pretty nice for you right now. Looking forward to the Irish coffee and sing song! to be sure, to be sure!

    Sal xx

  2. These are nice shots, my friend. I like all the lines and curves, and the blue blue Australian sky.

  3. It's lovely! Thank you for sharing! :))



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