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Video Poem - A Roaming Romantic Rejection

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  1. Liked it! ALOT! I'll share it :) By the way I loved your feedback on my sex fantasy posts lol.

  2. I really love this clip! I shared it! You sure put your finger on it in this one! Big Hugs


  3. Lookin' good, lookin' good. Liked it, then again, already told you this elsewhere! lol


  4. Thanks so much for your comments so supportive of me.. its really very nice of you.


  5. like! like! like! great words from you, perfect music and fantastic visuals. Just right x

  6. Very nicely done, Anthony. It's sad and human.
    Big hugs to you, friend.

  7. I liked it!
    I'm thinking I need to start thinking about video also... Hope you are having a good weekend!

  8. Thanks so much Sally, Robyn and Patty.

    I enjoyed making this one.


  9. Hi Anthony,
    Loved your poem, the video presentation and the haunting music.

    Good luck with your writing :))

  10. I'm waiting for your next video! lol I'm kidding I'm kidding. I really do look forward to them though. :) Just thought I'd stop by and say hello & how are you? & Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad you were interested in the stories. I gotta good one coming up! lol. I've not got revenge very much in my life only once or twice, but when I did it was major! lol. That's what my next post will be. :) It's a mean one. lol

    By the way, how was the B-day? I hope great!

    Well, I'll be checking back in for your latest. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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