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Japan Disaster: Rare Photos & Videos - Content Warning.

Pictures tell the story

I discovered photos much more distressing than these, though I do agree these are truly upsetting, but I did hold back. However I didn't shy away completely as I think it's important to grasp a tiny part of the human side of this tragedy and what actually happened rather than sweeping dramatic wave shots and simple numbers.

American Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

I honestly hope this is the end of these Disaster blogs for the rest of the year. Thoughts with everyone in Japan.

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  1. Hey, if people want to see worse than this they know where Google is. Thank you for posting them, as a reminder, and the links to donate at the bottom. I hope people do. We should really give more of ourselves. If not financially, go hug someone you haven't hugged in a long time. Hold a child. Show some love.

  2. Totaly Agree with The comment above. Nothing more to say. Thank you and big hugs!


  3. Thanks for your comments Arielle and Justin.
    It's really a terrible situation.

  4. Incomprehensible.
    Hugs to you, Anthony.

  5. i think those pictures bring home the total devastation of another area of our world, a world we are helping to destroy, but then the miracle of the baby surviving,shows us miracles can happen and we can turn things around.

  6. I have seen a few pics and footage and there are some on this post that I've not seen. It is very disturbing to see all those bodies floating face down floating in the water. The whole situation in Japan is tragic and beyond words.


  7. Wow, Anthony! This looks terrible! Oh, how horrifying. This is the first time I've even seen pics from the whole disaster. Man, that it just beyond horrible. I could not imagine being in one of those situations. Well, you did a very good job on the posts.

    And thanks for your comments on mine. Lol. Yes, the bendable rose was more like a crappy as hell experience haha lol. & Hell no I don't have to pay for them. I'd be demanding a refund for the rose & that P.O.S. butterfly crap I posted. lol & The rose is like $30! I would be pissed if I had spent money on those. Some though, were very good ones. But that rose just pissed me off. Haha. Different companies send them out to me every once in a while to "try" and review. Even though they're usually free, I still give my honest opinion because free or not, I wouldn't want to waste money on a product all because people lied and gave good reviews because it's free. Believe it or not, some companies do expect you to lie no matter what & I just will not do that. I have to tell those kinds to keep on trucking I'm not the review girl for them lol.

    Well, I'm looking forward to seeing your next poem video, or one of the little Tilly.

    Take care & will be back soon.

  8. I dont know the politics of this site but as of know wow!!!!really made me think again about japan instead of the media only coverage the power plants which is important but we need also to remember all the people with out homes and power and food i will donate to a site i trust no punt on this site but i trust another site i allready invistagated and i havnt done yet to this one thank you for your pics and videos made me remember all the people without just plain without nuthin!!!


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