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Wheelchair - A Poem based on experience

My recent experiences with my partner in a Wheelchair prompted me to write this poem. I don't wish to cast any aspersions on those who are permanently in them, but for those who can walk and suddenly find themselves in one, they must go through a period of transition. And that can't be easy.

For my partner, it's a brief period, 8 weeks in total, (and a further 6 on crutches) but I felt compelled to turn a thought to those who will never have that option.

W h e e l C h a i r

Trapped – Here
Entwined – By This
Restricted - By the Body
It's a Prototype Made Final.

The Flesh is Demanding – Selfish
The Mind Relegated
to Second Place
Nor Time
Nor Scope
To Soar
To Give Weight to these Dreams
To grow Skin and seethe Blood
To these flowing Whims
Held Backward
Steel Shoe Laced
And Perpetually Captive
By these Destroyed Limbs.

The Design is Faulty
Bones but Fractured Bars
The Chair – a Mobile Prison.

Forever Reminding
Of the Life
I had Before.

Coming Soon,
Another in the series on Greatest Written Films,

Feedback (of any kind) appreciated.


  1. Nice Poem!
    Also thanks for the feedback for my short story.
    It actually does have a character's point of view, but that starts after the first chapter. With this first chapter, I wanted to introduce the story of cloning which is basically what you would expect as you keep reading. But yeah, thanks for the advice, I'll change it to Prologue hehe. I like your poem by the way. :)


  2. After past injuries, I've been trapped by both the chair and the sticks. It's not fun at all.
    I think you've caught the feeling...

  3. Tony, this is you at your best. The poignancy of the short, sharp feelings of sorrow and frustration and fragility really hit me. The line "The Flesh is Demanding – Selfish" is brilliant. I can relate to the feelings of the poem, under different circumstances, but with the same enraging feeling of entrapment. What an experience you two are enduring together. Thank you so much Tony! I'll be sharing this one today, it's extremely meaningful

    Sal x

  4. You have done a great job capturing how it feels and as always you move me with your empathy

  5. Thanks Mindy, and your welcome with your story.. cheers Pat - yes ive had an education recently. thanks so much Sal.. i know you can relate.. i appreciate all your comments...

  6. This is very powerful, Anthony. I especially like the last stanza. Excellent.
    We don't appreciate what we have until we lose it, temporarily or permanently.

  7. This is powerful Anthony and I agree with you that those people whom have found themselves bound to a chair after injury find it much more difficult both in the physical & mental sense. But I work with people whom have been confined to chairs their entire existence whom take everything in their stride, they've known nothing different. They are truly remarkable human beings. It is amazing.
    I hope your partner is doing much better now. Cheers K x


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