Poem - Non Vitals

Non Vitals

In Your Face
In Your Business
Your Privacy is Penetrated
You Have No Rights.

Mentally Stripped
Can't be Raped
If You're not Desired.

Who said You had an Opinion?
You = A Stat
In a Overpopulated Mass
You're the Unwanted Majority.

Don't Dare Speak
Your Opinions
And Essence
Are Crass.

Yet you were never Asked
Consulted or Considered.

Log Off
Shut Down
Your Privileges Denied
You Crumple under the Weight of Numbers...

This happened so Fast
There is Nothing More Lonely
Than being Irrelevant.


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Trunk Town. A kids story.

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  1. In your 1st stanza, you are loud and clear and state the obvious (You have NO Rights)...Then in the 2nd stanza you say (Can't be raped if you're not desired), how true is this! The rape is so multi-layered that it infects every aspect of our being. The desire of what is wanted that no one else can have, the thirst for power and control, taking by force what one believes they have a privilege to - well written Anthony.

    Your 3rd stanza speaks volumes about an (unwanted majority). The issues of immigration come to mind, as if drifting (adrift) and caught up in unwelcome numbers (population explosion).

    Never being asked, consulted or considered is of an opinion that it never happens. In truth, public opinion is considered and taken into account, within reason and within what can be achieved. Most often, the voice of many may seem unheard, but behind closed doors, debate is ongoing.

    When you say, "your privileges denied" it can be easily misconstrued and interpreted as an abuse of human rights. One must consider what the "privilege" is and if you are entitled to it. Is this generalisation warranted?

    "Nothing more lonely than being irrelevant". This statement is true on so many levels and I get the sense of complete surrender after many battles lost (the privileges we believe are ours) that we may not be entitled to. Each circumstance is unique and the whole story needs clear assessment before it is discounted as "irrelevant".

    An interesting insight into the perceptions of the world we live in, Anthony. How we see the world as individuals is clearly very different from person to person.


  2. There is Nothing More Lonely
    Than being Irrelevant.

    One of several great lines...
    Really nice Anthony!

  3. How did you know exactly how I'm feeling this very moment, Anthony? Damn! You're good. (I'm in the midst of some frustrations with people, and you hit the nail on the head. Beautifully.) Thank you.
    On this note, I think I'm now ready for slumber.
    PS I LOVE you comment on my blog post. I had/has me in stitches.

  4. Thanks so much Pat and Robyn. I know youre both very busy with your own blogs, so I appreciate you stopping by.
    and Robyn, yr welcome.. ;)

    G, thank you so much for your very detailed response.. I really do appreciate it.. Your opinion is valid and important to me.. I'm not going to analyse what you have said, as I don't like poets/writers telling me what their work is about.. and I'd rather let the poem speak for itself..but I will say one thing, it is very interesting how people can see the same thing differently.. that's why perceptions cannot be trusted.. the same with memory.. it makes me doubt the justice system at times..

    But your comment was a pleasure to read. Thank you.

  5. Dear Tony, I can't relate to this - I'm sorry :-( and to be really honest (as you say you want me to be) I found the line about rape and desire to be very affronting and offensive. I would love to see you write something beautiful, that makes me smile and connect with you through the heart - if you know what I mean? there's so many magical and uplifting moments in life, you writing a piece like that would make me very happy :-) of course I always love to read what you're writing and thinking about, sometimes it just weighs me down as it's a struggle to stay happy, writing can be very inspirational and connective.

    Much love, Sal x

  6. Thanks for your feedback Sal.

    I suppose I also look for some sort of insight when I'm reading. And I do spend quite a bit of time constructing the stories, but poetry for me is more a form of expression, how I'm feeling in the moment. I don't edit them much at all. I think a lot of creative people use poetry (or other forms) to purge some of the darker elements inside.. I know I do. I like to keep them as free as possible and I have to be in a certain mood to do so. I don't sit down and say I'm consciously going to write a poem now. I could be doing anything, and just suddenly feel a certain way and grab a pen as quick as I can and out it comes. And what ever is left on the page when I'm done is the poem. And I tend to be feeling a little gloomy when I do that. It's the nautre of the beast.. or mine anyway...


  7. I love the poem Anthony and it speaks volumes to me. When I read it & re-read it, I found that I could interpret it in a few different ways.
    I too find writing a form of expressing feelings also, a form of therapy. Your reader Sal, needs to journey back through your blog and she will discover much beauty in your poetry too.
    Life, unfortunately, is not always happy, no matter how much we may long for it to be and it is nice to have a place to offload all those dark moments..no matter how stark and upsetting it may be. Keep keeping it real Anthony .. I agree it is the nature of the beast.


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