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Our dear beloved Sally - stoic and beautiful, to the end

Sally Jones (Corvini) passed away Jan. 26th, 2022. She was 48.

She never left a friend behind. She took them with her. I've never known anyone to have so many friends. She had a genuine heart. She cared and loved people. She really was quite unique. Just a beautiful soul.

Sally had a kidney transplant, donated from her mother. It lasted well over twenty years but had just failed. She'd had many health problems over the years, due to the immno-suppressant drugs to keep her body from rejecting her kidney. This made her vulnerable to other conditions. She was in and out of hospital many times and hated it but pushed on. She was forced to retire from work from the ABC roughly five years ago. 

Long story but the kidney had finally failed and she had just started back on dialysis. 

With my sister, Jacinta, approx. '99.

She'd had a brain aneurism about four years before. We thought we might lose her then. And she'd had lots of problems since but she was amazingly stoic and never lost her spirit. Anyone who knew her says the same thing.  That she was a beautiful soul.

Fortunately, she found love and finally married in 2019. She got to have a few years of happiness with her beloved Michael. She had just come home from hospital. She'd felt good the night before. She was on the couch. Her husband, with his own health problems, went back to bed and when he got up at 11, she had passed away. We are grateful that she died at home. And that she was not alone. She deserved that. 

We were in a relationship for several years from 1998. We lived together at her flat in Elwood, then moved to a house in Port Melbourne. Looking back, she was the best person I'd ever been with. The best human being. I didn't appreciate her enough. I was too immature. 

Anyway, we made a few videos. They are hilarious. I've posted four below. And a story from 2011 that was dedicated to her (more on that below).

We stayed in touch. We were never out of touch. She supported my writing, my online profiles and my books. She was very close to my family. She spoke to my mother only the afternoon before. (She called her, her second mum). And messaged me just two days before. 

The short story, Flipping the Stone was dedicated to Sal. What happens in it, is a metaphor for the trauma her body had suffered. 

The inscription says;.

To my dear friend Sally, an inspiration.

It's very short. You can read/download it here

Four Videos

Pasta La Vista: Battle of the Sexes

60 Second Theatre: Man in the Mirror

60 Second Theatre: In Your Face

Video 4 - Sequel to In Your Face: The Bare Bitch Project

As you can see, we had a lot of fun. I have a lot of photos and footage of her. I've always taken a lot of photos of friends etc but I really began doing a lot of video too from the mid 90's onwards, documenting, in many ways, the lives of those around me.  I have a lot more footage, much that I've never seen. I may make some more videos. I think I'll keep that for family. We'll see.  

Beautiful Sal. She really was, one of a kind. We all miss her. We'll always love her. 

I'm now working for the Russians. Truth!


First two scripts are now BrightSide Videos. Made in Russia!

To Russia With Love

As you may recall, I began working for the YouTube Channel BrightSide in late November.

The first two scripts I wrote in December have now been produced. See below.

Despite the American voiceover and style, the company is based in Russia. Everyone I have been dealing with, and there's a lot, are Russian.

85% of their workforce are from all around the world. I have no idea who sourced the stock footage or who created the animation but they would likely be remote workers. They have the toughest job. As an editor, I can see how much work they put in. Huge!

The style is a little cheesy but it's meant to be. It has to be mildly educational but mostly entertainment. 

The First Script

The Second

Don't believe a word I say

I'm required to write two scripts a week but I've written 6 in total so far. I've just been too busy with my video editing work and to be honest, the Brightside pay is nowhere near enough to support me. I get paid per script and it can take 8-10 hours due to the research required. (I spread it out). 

Worth noting too, that when I begin, I have no idea what I'm writing about. I try to get everything right but like journalists, I'm simply collating information. I'm not an expert! That's why it pays to be skeptical of everything you see and read, unless by an expert in that field. I worked a decade in TV News and Current Affairs. They can get it wrong too. Many aren't that smart. Besides, everything is slanted a particular way. Its more about what's left out than what's left in.

Future BrightSide Videos

The other scripts I've submitted and are in the production phase are;

The giant ancient Monster from the Deep
Flight Attendants Reveal What the Crew Does on an Empty Flight
What’s Killing The Galaxies Next Door
Iceberg 73x bigger than Manhattan travels

Coming Soon,

The Front Cover for my next novel!

More Videos

Have a great week!

What do you think of Perve - The Novel's Cover Designs?


How are you? Things are moving for the next novel release. Still aiming for mid to late February.

Malcolm is a cocky young man with everything going for him. Beautiful partner. Career on the rise. He also has a strong sex drive but is he a pervert? He soon finds himself in a world of shit. Whether he deserves what happens to him is for you to decide.

Is this world ready for a different viewpoint? There are many stories. Many complexities in life. These are the areas I like to explore. Not the worn path. 




Here is my initial version that I created and then some prototypes that the designer presented, based on my 'bars' idea. 

I loved this image and tried to contact the photographer. I found several of her profiles but could not get a response. The photo was from 2014. It's all over the internet so decided best to start with something  original.
A shame, as it's a bold, cheeky and creative shot.

Here is the 'Bars' concept:

What did you think of those?

I had another quick throwaway idea I had before the 'bars' concept. I'll call it the 'phone' concept. This idea actually turned out a lot better. So after some tweaking, it's good to go. Stay tuned!

The tag and author name will look as presented here.
I wanted the title deliberately spaced out like the title for the original Alien film

My Books

Even if you decide it's not for you, (and I hope you do give it a go), I really would appreciate any help in sharing. Word of mouth is all I have. Publishers throw many thousands of dollars at publicity. I just can't compete with that. I'm a single working dad with a mortgage. I need your help!

Have a good week.



You won't believe these new Sports added to the Chinese Winter Olympics

2022 Chinese Winter Olympics 

Sensational New Competitions! 

For the first time in History, a collection of new Sports will be introduced to the Winter Games.

Whether they make it beyond the '22 Games is another story as they are unique to the Ruling Communist Party with it's special track record on human rights.


1. Disappear the Dissident (China has an excellent track record on making people disappear so this will a tough competition for other competitors!)

2. Lacerate A Lung (While on the Run)

3. Cut out the Kidney (While the Olympian sleeps. If they wake, you lose!)

4. Falun Gong Fatality, where the athletes must complete the fastest Smash and Dash! Sure to catch on in other countries. Just like Pokemon Go. But real! 

5. Freeze a Frenchman       

While they did Freeze a Frenchman, unfortunately he loved it. Strike!

6. Strangle a Swede

7. Hang the Hungarian

8. Murder a Mongolian

"Raise him up another 10 inches. His dead feet should sway in the wind."

9. Lynch the Lithuanian

And the kids favourite, number 10, Castrate a Canadian! Don't Drop those Balls!

While she did catch the ball, the other rolled away. Strike!

The Olympians will be well fed. Try these local delicacies. Real Rat Kebabs! Yum!

Read More about China's excellent Fast Food Frenzies! 

Can you think of any more Sports? 

China's excellent Fast Food Frenzy! 

Coming soon,

Fiction - how much is made up and how much is the author's own life?

Plus Poetry, Videos, Famous After Death Series and so much more.
(I'm always open to suggestions too).

Have a great week.


What are your favourites of the past 20 years? Rediscovered - TOP TEN 2008


What are you favourite films over the past 20 years?

I came across this document today, 11/11/19, written late 2008. Quite interesting given perspective and time. In the days before films were readily available online. These would been cinema viewings or dvd hires.

From The Fall - Made in 2006 but not given a release, (very limited) until 2008. 


  1. The Fall – Largely passed over, but word of mouth will bring this to the classic status it deserves. Simply brilliant. The Wizard of Oz for a new generation. A visual feast without the CGI. Pure storytelling. The little girl is magical.

  1. The Dark Knight – more layered than it probably needed to be, but it’s what lifts it above standard comic book fare. You almost forget it’s a Batman movie. Ledger is good, no doubting that.

  1. WALL-E – good, simple visual fun.

  1. Iron Man – Downey kept it fresh.

  1. In Bruges – Hilarious, frightening and well acted.

  1. The Spiderwick Chronicles – Great for kids, an old fashioned story.

  1. Starting out in the Evening – A love story about writers, but then again, I’m biased.

  1. Mister Lonely

  1. Towelhead

  1. Mongol

Unseen due to late Australian release but getting lots of good reviews:

Any thoughts? Those later films were all great, but at year's end, I hadn't seen them. Perhaps they would have made the list. I remember being very impressed with Milk and Revolutionary Road.

The Fall is an incredible film, which was never given a proper release. If you can track it down, I highly recommend it. It's an original. I contacted the young girl who starred in it and we exchanged some emails for a time. She was hoping to be an actress but it didn't look promising. She was on my email list for this site for a number of years. Last I heard she was in University.

A stunning film, and how it was made is quite a story unto itself. The Director was an international commercial director. While he was in various countries, creating commercials, he would tack on extra work on his own project. It wasn't made for a film company. Explains the many exotic locations and stunning visuals. And without corporate interference, why it's so unique.

Anyway, I thought this was something a little different to end the year. I would hate to become my own poetry/video/satire cliché.

Please visit my site for FREE downloads, videos, books, satire, poetry and more.

Best of 2021 YouTube Playlist for some great music over your break

or My 80's Overlooked/Forgotten Playlist which has over a million views

All of my Video Poems in one Playlist

I will give you a break from me now for a couple of weeks.

Thank you for allowing me into your lives, in this small way, this year.
May 2022 be a great year for you. Or at least not a shitty one. While there's life...

Peace my friend.


Searching for meaning. Perhaps love too.

Search unto End


I hope you're in good spirits this week, or at least not miserable. 😉

I thought this a fitting last post before Christmas. It was made a few months ago. 

I swear if you stare at this image, it moves

Please comment on the video. Like and subscribe too as it helps my Channel. 

Watch HERE

I hope your Christmas is a good one. I appreciate that it's not a good time for all. Personally I'll be on my own for a few days, but I'll be with my daughter from the 27th. I am taking her away to see family interstate.

Drop me a line. Otherwise, Merry Christmas my friend.



Don't forget my awesome Best of 2021 YouTube Playlist this Xmas Break. Great to run in the background. 

More Videos 

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I got a Million Views! - Plus a mixed bag of goodies


Hope you're doing well. 

A mixed bag for you this week. Some news, two playlists and a meme I made a couple of years ago below called Steadying

Firstly, a YouTube Playlist I made a few years ago receives 1K views a day. I didn't even realise until a few months ago. It hit a million views a week ago! Exciting stuff. It's called... well, you can see.

Here's the link if you want to listen. 
A lot of great songs, many of which you may not have heard. 
Once I knew it was being watched a lot, I added a lot more videos to it, many of which I hadn't heard of. Plenty you will know too. I've put them in an order so it's very structured. 
A great mix for parties!

(I also have a new Playlist - The Best of 2021 HERE).

1st track by I Know Leopard


I began working for BrightSide Channel on YouTube last week. They have over 42 million subscribers with 9.5 billion video views. I'm a freelancer Scriptwriter. No. 14. Ha ha 

I'll only be required to turn in two scripts a week. But once I claim one (they provide the topics), I only have 24 hours to turn it in. It's fact heavy so a lot of research involved. A day's work. I get paid per script. It works out about eight Aussie dollars an hour. I hope to get faster in time.

I'll share the link when it's online. If they accept the script! If you're rejected several times, it's sayonara baby!

(*Update - the Head Scriptwriter loved the script. It's onto the Production Phase. I shall post it when it's done. It's about the planet Arrakis from Dune. Exciting stuff!).

Lastly, been some delay with the Perve cover. (This version is mine). The designer works for a major publisher and had a couple of urgent jobs. She's going to give me a discount. I'm still planning on a February release. We shall see.

As always, swing by my site for any books, video or downloads. 
Still have time for Xmas gifts! 

There's plenty of free material there if you're bored, including video stories, short films, poetry, satire, short stories, audio books and more.


Get back at your ex - and then some! Sweet revenge can be yours!


Were you screwed over by your ex? 

Want some old fashioned pay back?

Or simply mess their up lives for the sheer hell of it.

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And shred their fucking miserable, sad ass lives and rue the day they ever did you wrong. 

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Want revenge, but not sure how? Here are some tips. 

Fuck up their new relationship.

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And make them literally unemployable ever again!

Empty out their bank account!

Smear their name so badly that even their own family members won't want to know them!

Give their pet a permanent injury.  

That's just for starters.

Want them to have a little accident with stairs?

Don't worry. We don't do murder. Let's just say, it's nothing a stint in hospital won't fix. 

We'll provide updates. Photos, videos, screenshots of their social media accounts, with a ton of hate directed at them, revealing the true agony of their Wrecked Life

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Worried about repercussions?

Our data software prevents anyone from tracking us. Bit hard to find us when we're based in the Galapagos Islands! That's what our VPN says. Wink. Wink. 

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"I ripped him a new arsehole. Him and his slut new girlfriend. Worth every cent!"

"She treated me like shit. So I smeared her in it. Virtually. A joy to watch. And I didn't have to do a thing! 

"Who's laughing now, hey? Go cry to your mates, biatch!"

"To be honest, I felt a little bit sorry for her. For about six seconds! Ha ha!"

Let's be honest... There's nothing more satisfying than revenge. 

I Wrecked Your Ex

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Happy Hating!

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Ps. That YouTube gig I mentioned last week. Freelance writing. I started this week. Finally, some good news to share. The money is very low so I'll still be doing my normal work. It's just nice to be a part of something.