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You know his book. He became Famous After Death - And his disappearance

His plane crashed into the desert. 

Famous After Death

Antoine Saint-Exupéry 

was a French writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist and pioneering aviator. He was well known in his relatively short life. He won the United States National Book Award and is best known for his novella The Little Prince and for his writings on flying including Wind, Sand and Stars and Night Flight.

Antoine was quite successful before his death but afterwards, his book, The Little Prince took off and he was lauded by the French to national hero status.

Desert Crash

On 30 December 1935 Antoine and his navigator André Prévot crashed in the Libyan desert, during an attempt to break the speed record in a Paris to Saigon air race.

Both miraculously survived the crash, only to face the intense desert heat. They were lost and only had provisions for a day. They both saw mirages and experienced hallucinations. By the third day, they were so dehydrated that they stopped sweating. On the fourth day, a Bedouin on a camel discovered them saved their lives. This near death experience would feature in his 1939 memoir, Wind, Sand and Stars which won several awards. 

The Little Prince begins with a pilot being stranded in the desert.

Final Flight

The French Vichy Government of the time, who were collaborating with Germany having been occupied, promoted Saint-Exupéry as one of its members. He was shocked. They'd already rejected his book, The Little Prince, which had been published in Quebec (in French and English) the year before. 

A General, who would later become President, Charles de Gaulle, publicly implied that the author - pilot was supporting Germany. Depressed at this, he began to drink heavily. His health, both physically and mentally, had been declining. Saint-Exupéry was said to be intermittently subject to depression and there was discussion of taking him off flying status. 

On 31 July 1944, he took off in an unarmed plane for his ninth reconnaissance mission. He was never seen again.

The Little Prince was finally published in France after the War and his disappearance. As we've seen time and again, everybody loves a dead writer. The book became a bestseller and his fame spread around the world.

It's a children's book. He was encouraged to write it to help with his bad nerves while in Canada, in part, to compete with Mary Poppins. One of the characters, The Rose, is based on his wife, Consuelo.

"The story follows a young prince who visits various planets in space, including Earth, and addresses themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Despite its style as a children's book, The Little Prince makes observations about life, adults and human nature."

It sold 140 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most successful books of fiction ever published. 

While his body was never found, incredibly, his identity bracelet was discovered in the sea 54 years later. 

More true stories - Famous After Death

The original 1943 edition
It's yours for a measly US$5,625.00 (Sept. '22)

Your Future - Do you know where you're going?


How have you been this week?

Here's a new video.  

Your future. Is it all laid out? 
Do you know where you're going? Or are you stuck?

clockwork by_t1na_dbdyysy at deviantart

Watch HERE

Love to hear your thoughts.

If you liked it, please pass it on. Thank you.

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Until next week may the Gods of your choosing shine their fortune upon you.



New Book Cover Revealed - Us & Them and the things in-between

Cover Reveal 

A book about connection and the ongoing search for it.


What do you think? It's hand-drawn.

I gave the designer an idea of what it was about and the title and that I would be dedicating it to my dear friend Sally. I then gave her an open policy to create whatever she wished. Risky perhaps but she had done the previous covers for Perve and Lone Wolf World so I was sure she could do something worthwhile.

It cost a lot more than previous covers. Was it worth it?

The rear cover says; 


There’s friends and family and then there’s the greater world. Them. Are we really all that different? Aren’t we all struggling to find meaning and connection amongst the chaos?


An eclectic mix of stories and poems, many based on real situations and people. All are dripping with truth and feeling.


The stories include a man who experiences a flood of memories after the loss of his partner.

A dramatic stand-off between the German army and villagers during World War Two.

A mother and daughter’s life changing meeting.

A first-hand account of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

An eight-year-old performs her original song for a most unique audience, for all the wrong reasons.

The messiest eater in the world.

A woman recalls her dramatic life on the streets.

A unique non-encounter with a single person among the thousands on the busy streets of New York City.

An ex-Reality TV contestant seeks revenge and more.


From the author of Lone Wolf World

Out Soon

I really hope you'll share with me this wonderful new collection of stories and poems. It's what we all need right now.

Make for an excellent gift.

Trailer coming soon.



Newly discovered - Behind the scenes - Born in a Storm.

    Joanna Hanley as Christine



Short film

Born in a Storm - 1994

I recently showed this film to a young friend. She found it a little confronting but thought it was good. (Trigger warning for sexual abuse-self harm).

This is the 2017 re-edit (only slight changes), with some different music/audio that is superior to the original. I was never happy with the original but the new edit and some distance has made me feel better about it.

You can watch it HERE along with some of my other short films.

Original VHS cover

Reflections - Behind the scenes

I had not seen this video for more than twenty years. Surviving copies are only on VHS. I found the original Betacam SP Master and had it transferred. The full video is 20mins but have decided to only make this 5 minute section public.

Still a good insight into the making of the film.

Hope you enjoy it. The film itself is further below. 


My old car 'converted' for this scene by Ron Sidebottom

Original film below.

Vimeo Showcase with most of my Short Films HERE

Born in a Storm


2004 (re-edit 2011)

Reality Unfastened 1992

Wilderworld 1988

See you next week?

I hope so.



Are there too many decisions to be made? One question. Many answers.



How are you doing?

This one's a video that poses many questions. Or answers. Is it all a lie? Who's telling the truth? Life is confusing. How to decipher all the possibilities? 

You'll have to investigate for yourself and let me know your thoughts or leave a comment.

One question - many answers

Watch HERE

What do you think? Or is that the problem? Do we overthink?
Love to hear your point of view.

Open to suggestions too on what you'd like to see here. More opinion articles? Fiction? 
Give me an idea.

Otherwise, see you next week.

More Poetry   (Is it really poetry? How would you describe what you've just watched?)

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Can you fix yourself with a Broken Brain?


How are you going this week?

A lot of our problems in life are seen through the prism of our own eyes. So how can we solve certain issues when we can't get away from ourselves? Can a person who's depressed cure themselves?  

Here's a little video I put together called  Broken Brain based on a not very good time. I do hope you'll watch. It's short.

Watch HERE

What did you think? Do you have a broken brain?

Drop me a line or leave a comment on the post. Sharing the video really helps me too. I totally rely on you. People aren't flocking to my channel, much to their own chagrin, so we have to lead them there. 

Have a good week and if it's shitty, ask yourself if it's your broken brain in motion and if not, can you really alter things anyway? Many things are out of our control. 

One thing we can rely on though, is that change is a-comin. Acceptance is king.



More Poetry

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Coming in October...
A positive new collection of diverse stories and poetry around the theme of connection.

Was it love, or something else? Us & Them - The 'Banned' poem


Hey there,

How you are you going this week? 

Two months until the release of a great new book with a rich mix of content.

Us & Them and the things in-between - an upcoming collection of stories and poems on connection and our ongoing search to find it. 

This poem was selected to be in the final book, but it wasn't until I was compiling the running order that I realised that it could be construed that it was about my ex-partner Sally, or any other ex. It isn't. It's a hypothetical. 

But many, if not all, of the poems in it are based on real people and situations, so I eliminated it to avoid confusion. The book is dedicated to Sally after all.

I like the poem. Sadly, it had to go. You may be able to relate to it however. I'm sure plenty can. 

Us & Them is out soon.

Wishless thinking



The heart burns with longing

They say

Yet, I know

It’s the lunchtime chilli.


I’m getting older

I suppose

And it’s oh so dull

Yet I miss you

Want you with me

Or at least

To see you once more

But do not try to imagine

What you’re up to

As that escalates the suffering.


It’s better to picture your smiling face

As I remember it


As I recall

You had a fierce temper

And were oft depressed

Which coalesced

Into many dreams

Deposited on my doorstop              

Ugly and spitting bile

Into my face

And putrefying

My once colourful and plentiful basket.


It’s only distance

And more prominently

Length of days

That has lessened your

At once sweet

And poisonous touch.


So, perhaps it is your physical attributes

I miss most           

Though I was so fresh then

That any caress

Was a firework parade.


Now that I’ve thought about it

I don’t miss you at all.



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Writing - How to overcome severe doubt and insecurity

Something very different this week. If not for you, perhaps someone you know. Even a student. 

Are you struck with insecurity?

Are you a writer who doesn't know where to begin?

Who struggles to find the confidence?

Hits roadblocks and can't get around them?

Writing Doubts

Here is some simple advice based on significant personal experience to help you overcome insecurity, not just in writing but hopefully in other areas of life too.

I still have those very intrusive doubts. Every time. 

I have to really work to get through it.


Books, Videos, Free Downloads and more

New videos and original posts coming soon.

As always, have a good week and if not, fake it until you believe it.