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2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)

Books: Eclectic story collection Pseudo Stars out now!

The Good, the Not so Good and the downright Ugly

 The Good News

The proofs have arrived!

Any typos found in the book will be my fault. The problem with one set of eyes is that it's easy to skip over the same mistake multiple times. Eg. Who knows were they are?

Easy to miss. Especially if it's a correct spelling.

The Not so Good News


My publisher wants to drop one of the stories. It was the one that was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, City of Great Large, my most successful story. He thinks it doesn't fit. I think it does. Stylistically it's different, but its about a a village boy who heads to the city only to find misery. This is what the book is about. The empty dreams of dreamers. He won't be swayed.

The Ugly News

I popped into my one and only local book store, Dymocks and asked them about stocking my book. The manager there (Sylvia) said, send us an email. I did. Nine of them. Over a five month period. Finally I received a response (five months to the day. Aug. 21)

Message body

Non-recognised publishers?

Ginninderra is a small press but a legitimate one. Pseudo Stars and indeed all of the books Ginninderra produce are not self published. Hence the decision to drop my story. A printer publishes whatever the hell you want. For example, they could publish this;

I have contacted Dymocks Head Office to see what could be done about getting my book in ANY store. They actually replied. First time.

'Thank you for your interest in selling your book through the Dymocks website. Dymocks is a chain of franchised stores and ultimately the buying decision for each store is made by the Franchise owner,'

So yes. Burwood Dymocks could have helped me out. This is the crushing and rude reality of being in artistic business in this country. No one cares. Not even the ones who are supposed to.
I mean, they ARE a book store. Not a bike store. I'm not asking to sell my bike through them. They have thousands of books in store. There's probably not a single author from Burwood. 
Shame on them.

You can send them an email if you wish.
Ill make it easy for you. 

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that you are unwilling to support your local Burwood author, Anthony J. Langford with his story collection Pseudo Stars. Gininnderra Press are a legitimate small publisher from South Australia. This is disgraceful. Mr. Langford has had multiple stories and poems published around the world. Yet his local store won't support him.

I wonder what drove you to get into this business? Certainly not an interest in books or authors.
I urge you to do the right thing.

Yours faithfully,

A reader.

If you don't wish to send them an email, I'll still love you. Unlikely to sell many copies anyway. But there's a principle there.

I would simply appreciate your support to help plug the book when it comes out.