Nice to see you.

2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)

Books: Eclectic story collection Pseudo Stars out now!

An IN-sane New Game from the makers of Pokeman Go! Crazy!!!

Pokeman Go 2!

PokeYourMum Bro!

Follow your mum around and when she's not expecting it, Poke her!

Never too young to play!   Kid's got style!

The More Pokes the More Points!

Bonus Points if you avoid a whack across the head or
be pelted by her flying shoe.

Super Bonus if You Poke her in her sleep
or in the Shower!

Rheeek!! Rheeek!! Rheeek!!

Pokeman Pundits

'Pokeman so cute! Me so horny.' - Kim Jong-Un

Had a Good Score going until this...

I lost my legs but I got a Pikachu!

Pokemon Loser walks into water - 29secs

                                                       'Pokeman GO Blows.' - Ban Ki-moon

Coming soon  - PokeYourSelf Yo!

War? What War? Leave us alone. We've got a game to play.



'Pokeman GO a no-no yo.' - Santa

'Hey can we re-program Pokeman to lead the Mexicans into the ocean? 
Save me building that freaking wall.' - Donald Trump

'If only terrorists were a bit more selective.'  - Obama

'We can dope Pokeman Players. No one will ever know.'  - Putin.